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Penzance has it’s own special festival known as the ‘Golowan Festival’ incorporating ‘Mazey Day’ during which the whole town enjoys a carnival atmosphere. Entertainment, stalls, parades and displays are supplied by most of the local organisations. This year (2008) the Penzance Model Boat Club did it’s usual bit on the last day of the festival week, Sunday 29th June.

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Golowan Festival 2008

Club Photo Album

Our Secretary, Maurice Bishop (in blue cap) shows off his model of the Sealink ferry, ’St. Edmund’ to some local admirers. Powered by a car battery and with a car horn for effect, this model is over 35 years old and still running.

This model of a schooner is  a regular at the pool. Owned by Reg Tomlin. It’s an excellent example of boat modelling.

Pictured here is Sharon LeBretton, wife of Pierre along with the C.O. Of HMS Penzance at the 2008 Golowan Festival. The boat they are holding is a model of the Mathew V. Spress, operated by the River Prince Company on the Netchez to New Orleans run from 1870 to 1920.

This boat won the Best in Show award at the festival.

Pierre and his father, Pierre Snr. have an impressive fleet of models, some of which are pictured below & on the Golowan festival page.

PZ91 or “BARA” is owned by Peter Paull. It was originally built from a “Nordkap” kit but now sports a more local look.

The “ORCA” is the proud possession of another Peter who’s surname at the moment escapes me. Note the seagulls on the deck barrels and the mast.

“Deep Dive 2” is the handiwork of our local Submarine Technician, Roy Trinder. (That’s what he told me to write!). He designed and built this from scratch with the main body being made from plastic ducting. He has been so successful with this model that he is currently building a second for a friend.

Another magnificent sub, this one owned by Bob Sowden. Here you can see the boat emerging from a dive and below a view of the whole sub at the edge of the pool.

More of the LeBretton fleet

Text Box: The father & son team of Pierre Snr. & Jnr. have built up an impressive fleet in their own right over the years and have recently sent in more photos of their acquisitions. All the trawlers pictured below are hand made in Hull from photos and are ‘one offs’. All feature working lights and some have working cranes/ crab pots etc. All of them are powered by 12v motors.

Beam trawler Caitlyn Jade which is based on the Newlyn trawler PZ199.

Crab boat ‘Cornelia Marie’

Crab boat ‘Northwestern’

The ‘Cornishman’ PZ512

The ‘Excellent’ PZ513

‘St Catherine Labour’, French trawler